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Our services include concept design, pattern, and mould making, one-off or repeat casting, model making, and 3D art fabrication from small sculptures to large reliefs, furniture, theatre props, and installation.
With over 30 years of experience using mixed media and processes across a broad range of works, our fine attention to quality and detail will ensure the best possible results for your project.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries, however small or large. 

Art fabrication

s c u l p t u r e

Our in-house sculptors possess over 30 years of industry experience. From classical to contemporary, we specialise in a range of mediums, styles, and processes to ensure the best possible results for your project.

Pattern making

​c a s t i n g 
p a t t e r n - m a k i n g
m o u l d - m a k i n g

We offer personalized solutions for personal and commercial projects of any scale. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and fabricate your patterns or moulds using a wide range of techniques.

 Bespoke DJ booth

f u r n i t u r e 

We specialise in creating bespoke and high-quality furniture ranging from DJ booths to interiors and kitchens. Our expertise and industry contacts allow us to work on a diverse range of projects.

Prop making

p r o p   m a k i n g

Great props and stage design can make all the difference in creating a memorable event or production. Whether it's an intricate model or a larger-than-life backdrop, please get in touch to help bring your vision to life.

Public art and installation

p u b l i c   a r t
i n s t a l l a t i o n s

We take pride in collaborating with esteemed public artists, architects, and interior designers to ensure the timely and professional execution of projects.
Our extensive portfolio showcases our expertise in the fabrication and installation of various projects across a broad range of mediums and scale.

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